Migrant diaries’ main goals are: promoting intercultural dialogue and providing information on migrant trajectories within multiple territories; actively breaking down prejudices; the cultural and social integration of migrant communities within Lisbon’s public space.

This initiative developed for the POR Lisboa 2020 programme, financed by the European Social Fund and the Municipality of Lisbon in collaboration with Rede DLBC Lisboa – a network, community-based organization towards local development – will span for a two-and-a-half-year period. Its main goal is to collect autobiographical memories and testimonies of migrants and their life trajectories through the creation of at least 60 personal diaries in multiple platforms and formats (paper, audio, video, etc.). We intend to have an active collaboration from different communities and nationalities, encompassing all age groups, and having a special focus on contributions by women. Following the collection of said data, a documentary will be produced, alongside a photo exhibition, public conferences and debates will be held, and some of the testimonials will be published.